Saturday, February 11, 2012

Holidays - Returning The Favor

Hello! Knowing my love of vintage things, last year a friend sent me some valentines that her mother had received as a child. So I decided it'd only be appropriate to use one of these vintage valentines as part of my crafted card to my friend this year. 

I deliberately kept it simple as to not detract from the vintage valentine. (I'm not sure how old that valentine is; maybe late 30's?) I used white cardstock for the base, the art paper I'd painted earlier in the week, handpainted vintage ledger paper, the valentine, and the word "lovely" from an old school worksheet (from when my husband was in 2nd grade in the mid-1960's).  

I had mailed this card out on Thursday but feared that it might not make it to its destination in the Pacific Northwest in time for Valentine's Day. But my friend informed me that her card had arrived - so many thanks to the USPS!

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