Thursday, October 31, 2013

Job Jar - Month #10

Hello! I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! I'd been concerned that the steady rain would keep trick-or-treaters away, but we ended up with nearly 160 kids, which is close to normal for us. Fun to see so many kids and so many costumes! 

And since Halloween is, of course, on the last day of the month, it's time to file my October Job Jar report. Two out-of-town trips cut down on the number of tasks completed, but I still got a lot done this month. 

For one thing, in the "Household Helps" category, I drew "clean kitchen cabinets inside and out" and "clean and declutter basement shelves". 

Now, I wipe down the exteriors of my kitchen cabinets as needed, but the shelves inside the cabinets? Well, let's just say it was a case of out of sight, out of mind! But those shelves needed a wipe-down. It was also a good opportunity to declutter things I didn't use or need anymore. And I made some shelf paper out of some vintage wallpaper and clear contact paper (had gotten the wallpaper for next to nothing at a garage sale several years ago). 

The basement shelving cleaning was a dirtier, messier job. Our house's basement came with six metal storage racks plus another room of built-in wooden shelving. Over time these shelves have become home to excess pantry items, extra tools, gardening supplies, kitchen equipment I don't use often, and craft supplies. And over time these shelves had become  disorganized and rather dusty. But as of this writing, all the metal storage racks have been cleaned and decluttered, with only the wooden shelving left to tackle. 

Did some fun tasks for others:  left guerilla art for someone to find and made some candy to give to our daughter. 

And I did a few fun things for myself, like doing yoga, visiting the library, listening to a relaxation CD and viewing the "eye candy" of a beautifully-photographed shelter book. 

But as strange as it might seem, I got just as much pleasure from viewing a tidier portion of the basement!


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