Monday, October 28, 2013

Thrifty Acres: Don't Be A Knit-Wit!

Hello! Knitting currently seems to be a very popular hobby, but from looking through the pages of the Fall-Winter 1971-72 issue of McCall's Needlework & Crafts, it was obviously very popular then too. Maybe too popular! 

Now, don't put your yarn down and throw your needles at me - you'll see why I say this when I show off some of the knitted garments (actually, a few are crocheted instead) - and let's just see if you would make them yourself today!

Would you knit yourself a Hot Pants Play Suit?

Paired with bright red tights, no less! And for the man in your life, how about the Western Vest? Check out the fringe on that!

And starring a Gwyneth Paltrow look-a-like, a knitted ensemble: "A beautiful top inspires a fantastic skirt and knicker set and slacks outfit. And on and on and on." The garments could be knitted or crocheted, according to Unger Yarns. 

Which outfit did you like best? Did you like any of them? The knickers set looks cute on the model, but it'd look hideous on me. Not sure about those knit pants - what was worn underneath to prevent underwear from showing?

Clearly, the above was not your grandmother's needlework, nor was this:

Unless Grandma got her kicks from crocheting bikinis! 

I confess, I usually think of afghans first when I think of crocheting, but besides the above garment, it was used for this dress as well:

Call me a fuddy-duddy, but this still looks more like an afghan than a dress to me! 

And how about these two dresses:

The one on the left was knitted, but has a crocheted fringe on the bottom. The other dress was crocheted, and it looks as if our model has a white slip on underneath. The dress is actually a pretty style - I like the brightly-colored yarn accents - but I don't think I'd like to wear a dress that shows my slip underneath! 

Okay, enough of the see-through outfits - how about pantsuits so sturdy-looking a tank couldn't crush them?

Man, that's some tough knits there!

Back to the knickers look:

I would have been almost 12 when this magazine hit the newsstands, but I'm straining my brain to recall how prevalent knickers were back then. If the look didn't last too long, I can't say I'm sorry about that! But I suppose the style was beneficial to the busy knitter or crocheter - less pants length to work up. Think that'd be the only benefit though.

And if you noticed the dangling things on the bottoms of the pink knickers - those are tassled ties. When I see something like that, I imagine that the wearer would be fair game for any dog or cat around! 

I actually like the color of the next piece of knitted clothing:

The dusty violet-colored yarn goes perfectly with the model's fair skin and strawberry blonde hair. And I'll give her credit for posing in a "spiffy Spinnerin hot pants jump-in". (is a jump-in a short version of a jumpsuit?)

But from soft colors, here comes loud!

Since this is an ad for the Boye Needle Company, I presume that the beret and the belt are supposed to be the stars of the show, so to speak - but my attention is riveted to the psychedelic-print pants and white boots. Far out! 

Far out, indeed - I'd say these garments are quite far removed from today's knitted and crocheted fashions. It was fun to see the clothing in this magazine - but I hope that's where such clothing stayed!


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