Friday, September 6, 2013

Things You Can Always Find At A Thrift Store #5: Fantastic Plastic

Hello! In my previous post in this series, I discussed glassware I'd purchased at thrift stores. Today I'll discuss its synthetic cousin, plastic. Although glass may seem nicer, plastic ware does have its uses, especially when you have a tendency to break glass as I do! And it's just as plentiful in thrift stores as glass is. 

I needed a serving tray with sections for serving crudites with dip, and this came to my rescue:

At 18"l x 13"w, this is a sizable tray. It'd be rather heavy if made of glass, but since it's plastic, it's quite light. It's a good size for large casual gatherings; most recently it saw service at our daughter's open house. I paid 50c for it. I don't need a large tray like this very often, so why pay much for one?

I paid a dime for this basic, 9" diameter plate. Now, why am I bothering to show you this plate? Because of its intended purpose. There are times when I volunteer to bring a dozen or so cookies, and this sort of plate is sturdier than paper plates. And since it was so inexpensive, it doesn't matter if it's left behind somewhere. But thus far it's been returned to me.

For potlucks, open houses and other large gatherings, it's nice to have enough large serving utensils to go around. But why head to a big box store to buy them when you can find perfectly good ones at a thrift store?

I paid a quarter apiece for what you see in the above photo. Between a ladle, a slotted spoon and two serving spoons, I'm prepared!

A colander seems like another basic item - until you buy some nice fresh berries and want them to drain after washing them off. I had one large colander and one small, but needed an in-between size. And that is what I found:

I paid 25c for this colander; it's 9"w and about 4 3/4"h. I like the spring-like green color.

I'm just showing off some kitchen items today, but of course thrift store plastic is common in other categories as well. I've bought storage tubs and other handy organizational items, all at very reasonable prices. 

A word of warning, though: sometimes thrift store plastics come cracked, misshapen, badly stained, or with other signs of damage. Unless such issues don't bother you, examine the item carefully for signs of misuse. There's enough plastic in good shape to turn your back on the beaten-up stuff. 

And it's the stuff in good shape and at low prices that makes me say it's "fantastic plastic!"

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