Sunday, September 8, 2013

Civil War Muster

Hello! Our local museum sponsored its 5th annual Civil War Muster this weekend at Van Raalte Farm, a local park. This was the first time I have attended this event. I was more interested in seeing the reenactment of  people living in the 1860's than the reenactment of a battle itself, so I went early in the day. There were just a few other visitors besides myself then, so I could take pictures without any sign of 21st C people (I mean, people who look modern vs. those who look mid-19th C).

Weapons dropped off as soldiers arrive at the outdoor church service.
Campfire coffee.

Row of tents at the Confederate camp.

Join the cause!

Nicely-dressed woman at the civilian camp.

Some comforts of home at the civilian camp - note the rocking chair in the background and cupboards to the left. 

I don't know how comfortable the sleeping quarters were, but this looks comfy-cozy to me!

Airing out undergarments.

Cookstove with coffeepot on top. 


I must admit, I didn't really know much about the nature of civilian camps during the Civil War, but the sorts of people who inhabited such camps is explained well here.

Watching over the horses at the Cavalry camp.

I was warned to stay away from the horses who were behind these two; they might kick me if I got too close, I was told. These two seemed to like posing for the camera, though!

Tent at the Union camp.

Another call to action!

No tent for the hardy fellow who slept here. 

As to why so few reenactors were in the camps while I was there: I think they were all at that outdoor church service. 

After touring the camps, I walked over to a field where an reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg was to take place in the afternoon:

Cannons at the ready.

As I was leaving the event, this regiment was lining up, getting ready to perform a military drill. And in front of the Van Raalte farmhouse, Generals Robert E. Lee and J.E.B. Stuart were speaking. Lincoln was going to speak two hours later - but by then I was back in the 21st C., finishing up laundry and putting away groceries. 

Still, it was fun to step back in the past for a short while!


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