Friday, September 20, 2013

Made It - Solid Bath Sugar Scrub

Hello! The friend who recently gave me some cake flour in advance of her overseas move also gave me a large quantity of melt-and-pour soap bases. I've dabbled in this form of soap-making in the past, and now it looks like I'll be dabbling a lot more! 

I decided to search for ideas, as this company sells the soap bases that were now in my possession. There, I came across a link to, and this site had a recipe entitled Solid Bath Sugar Scrub. It sounded very easy and I had everything on hand. Within minutes I had a nice little supply of solid bath sugar scrubs ready to use. Here are a few:

The instructions called for making the batch in three different colors, red, white and blue. I made 1/3 of the recipe and used no colorant. I added orange essential oil. Among the suggested skin-softening oils listed in the recipe, I used olive oil.

I also didn't have a suitable soap mold; the cubes are supposed to be single-use per portion and the few soap molds I have on hand were too big for this purpose. I did, however, have an old ice cube tray and that worked fine.

Maybe it's me, but I didn't use all of one scrub in one shower. I did feel my skin was softer after use, though, so I was glad I tried this recipe. 

I also decided to put one of the cubes in a small unbreakable jar and leave it at my kitchen sink. Between cooking, cleaning, yardwork, caring for our cat, and yes, even crafting, I wash my hands a lot! And because of this, they can get very dry, especially in the winter. But now I can use this scrub to smooth and moisturize my hands at the same time. (Since there isn't a lot of soap in the recipe, I still wash my hands first with my liquid hand soap, then use the scrub.)

A few years back, I was given a jar of commercially-produced hand scrub. It was nice, but left so much oily residue on my hands that I had to remove the excess oil with a cloth. Not so with this recipe - no icky residue, just a nice softness. 

If you happen to have some melt-and-pour soap base lying around and want to try making your own solid bath sugar cubes, you can find the recipe HERE.  I found it well worth the minimal time and effort that it took to make these, and you may as well.