Monday, September 30, 2013

Job Jar - Month #9

Hello! With September drawing to a close, it's time for my monthly Job Jar update. 

It appears that most of my tasks involved cleaning and decluttering this month - well, that's one way to get things done around here! I tackled the dirtiest room in the house - the basement - and also washed windows outside. Cleaned woodwork, the stove, decluttered the messiest closet in the house as well as the messiest cabinet. Also kept up on the filing and shredding of papers. Yes, there was some dirty, messy, sometimes tiring work, but it was a good feeling to complete the heavy-duty chores.

I made a treat to give to our daughter, worked with my camera manual, did some birdwatching in a county park I'd never been to before, and did yoga. 

I carved a rubber stamp, made some holiday crafts, dug out a craft kit I hadn't used in a long time (and decided there was a reason I hadn't used it in a long time; it's on its way to a thrift store), and used stencils to create fall decorations and greeting card designs.

As has been the case in previous months, there was a good mix of work and play involved throughout this month. Keeps things interesting - and balanced too.



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