Sunday, June 30, 2013

Job Jar - Month #6

Hello! Although much of the first three weeks of June found me busy getting ready for our daughter's Open House, I still did job jar tasks nearly every day. But thanks to previous tasks that had involved heavy cleaning before June had begun, I found that I didn't have as much cleaning as I would have otherwise. So this system works well! (still had plenty of cleaning to do though.)

And how did the June tasks go? Well, I worked on filing and decluttering as well as some cleaning chores. 

I prayed for someone, wrote a letter to a woman I know who had recently entered a nursing home, and made a special treat for our daughter. 

I enjoyed reading a shelter book, a cookbook, did some birdwatching, worked on craft projects (came up with a good idea for a Thanksgiving craft), took photos and did some sewing. 

I used my mom's paraffin wax spa kit, did some spiritual exercises, went on walks, and tried the following aromatherapy "recipe":

Twinkle Toes Foot Bath (from Gooseberry Patch)

1 pint boiling water
6 tablespoons fresh mint, chopped
2 tablespoons sea salt
2 drops lavender essential oil

Pour boiling water over mint leaves; let steep eight minutes. Strain and add sea salt; let cool. Add lavender essential oil. Pour into container large enough to soak feet or pour into pint jar with tight-fitting lid to use later or to give as a gift. Makes one bath. 

I had everything on hand, so this was easy to make and smelled nice too. It made for a pleasant soak of my hard-working feet. 

Well, on the next month starting tomorrow. Hard to believe that this year is already half over! 


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