Friday, June 21, 2013

Made It - Summer Weathergram

Hello! Back in March I blogged about weathergrams, as seen here.  Since it's the summer solstice today, it's time to put out a new weathergram:

It was very simply made, with rubber-stamped words and a rubber-stamped image of the sun on a scrap of vintage yellow paper. Underneath the flap I wrote a few words about what always seems to be a truism about summer: why does it seem to go by so much faster than winter?

I've always used old manila folders to make my weathergrams, but just for fun, I also used a paper bag and an art paper scrap for spring equinox weathergrams in March. They were all hung in the same place, a burning bush shrub in our backyard. And here is how they weathered:

From left to right: paper bag, art paper scrap, manila folder. As you can see, the art paper weathergram weathered the most. 

But no matter what you use to make a weathergram, it's a fun way to mark the changes in the seasons!



  1. Since I missed the last one, I'm going to use mine for the start of Autumn. There's a date for that, right? :)

  2. Yes, there's a fall equinox. Why not attach your blank weathergram to a September calendar page - that way it'll be ready to decorate then!