Thursday, June 27, 2013

Get Carded - Birthday Card And Gift

Hello! A friend's recent birthday was recognized with a handmade card and homemade gift. 

The card:

Materials used:
- white card stock
- art paper pieces
- gift shape cut from art paper with a stencil
- "happy" cut from a 1960's spelling paper (my husband's)
- "through all your future days" cut from a vintage greeting card

Behind the card is the matching envelope, made from the same paper used to make the gift shape. I don't typically make matching envelopes but it adds a nice touch. Maybe I'll do this more often. 

The gift:

A jar of homemade strawberry jam, made possible by the strawberry picking I'd done earlier in the week. Hot and humid the day I went but it was worth it. 

In case you want to make your own jam, you can find the recipe I used here. One thing I did differently this time was using a bit more sugar than what the recipe calls for - about 2 tablespoons more. I have found the jam a bit too tart when I've made it in years past, especially when adding it to plain yogurt. But even with this extra amount, it's still far less sugar than many other jam recipes call for.

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