Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thrifty Acres - Spring Decor

Hello! Don't think I've shown off my springtime decor in years past, but on a monsoon-like day like today, I thought it'd be nice to get a dose of spring here. Like the decorative objects I've shown off at other times of the year, my springtime collection is handmade, thrifted or gifted. (I guess I should be exact and mention that some of my purchases were from garage sales).

I like to hang decorations from the dining room chandelier - in this case, a thrifted egg decorated with papers. As my town has a huge tulip festival every year, the tulip motif is fitting. I made the bird resting on top from art paper scraps. 

I don't recall where I got this small doll (8" tall), probably at a garage sale. She's a little beat up, but I liked the colors of her dress. Seen on the right side of the photo is a gift from my husband - a tiny pot (3 1/2" tall) of tulips made of clay. I think he purchased this at a craft show, but he always tells me "I don't like to reveal my sources". 

I purchased the above guidebook at a garage sale run by an antiques dealer. It's all in Dutch, so I can't tell you anything about the museum, but I liked the cover. 

At the same sale, I bought the above, a vintage bridge tally card. Again, the tulip design is appropriate for this area, but I was also happy that along with this tally card were ones showing daffodils and lilacs as well. There's no date on these, but they might be from the 1940's. 

This little box came from Goodwill; I liked the sweet scene painted on it. 

The next set of items came from a garage sale:

These butterflies are representative of the eight I have on my dining room feather tree; I paid 50c for all. Crochet cotton in various colors and two sizes of pipe cleaners: they look like a craft someone's mother or grandmother had made. I was delighted to find them, but sorry that whoever was running the sale hadn't wanted them. 

 Well, they say that "April showers bring May flowers", so with all the rain we've had this month, hopefully there'll be a lot of growing of flowers (and vegetables) next month! I made the two pieces above with rubber stamped flowers, oil pastels, art paper scraps, photocopies of a 1930's garden catalog, vintage rickrack and words from a vintage game. Just another dose of springtime decor!


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