Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Made It - Now Look At Them Yo Yo's

First off, did you recognize from where I got the title of this post? If not, the answer will be coming up at the end!

Anyway, I saw THIS  on the Internet and thought it'd be fun to make something similar. Unlike the project's creator, I had no ready-made fabric yo-yo's at my disposal, but I did have the Clover Quick Yo-Yo Maker. This is a handy tool that makes yo-yo making go by fairly quickly. For my project, I used the large size, which yielded yo-yo's of 1 1/2" in diameter. 

I picked green and blue fabrics for my yo-yo's since I planned on hanging the finished piece up in our green and blue bathroom. Some of the fabrics were vintage, but not all were. It was fun to dig into my stash to pick and choose; as long as the fabrics were no smaller than 4" square, they would work with the yo-yo maker.

For the base, I painted another one of my 9x12 thrifted blackboards white. Then it was simply a matter of arranging the yo-yo's in a pleased order and gluing them on. 

The finished project:

As it so happened, I didn't care for the way it looked in the bathroom - no matter where I placed it on a wall there, it just didn't look right. This bathroom happens to have a fair amount of wall space, so it could be that 9x12 is too small in scale to look good. Maybe I'll just leave my yo-yo piece as shown above, resting on a downstairs windowsill between the kitchen and the powder room. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking about fabric yo-yo's to a younger woman and learned she didn't know what they are. A brief history of fabric yo-yo's and how to make them the old-fashioned way is shown HERE. 

Oh, and the source for this blog post's title? Why, it's none other than the first line of Dire Strait's 1985 hit, Money For Nothing. 

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