Friday, April 5, 2013

Holidays - Easter: Better Late Than Never

Hello! For the past few years now, my extended family has gotten together on Easter Sunday for a combined holiday/birthday celebration. So my household has its own Easter celebration, using my husband's Slovak customs, on the following Sunday. 

Consequently, my Easter decorations are still up, and as I've never done a blog solely on them, I'll show off a few favorites now. 

I made all the stuffed bunnies you see above. Both patterns have been used over the years to make gifts for others as well; a fun way to use up fabric scraps! 

I have a tabletop feather tree that is decorated for the seasons, so many of my Easter decorations end up there. Above, a thrifted egg ornament and a pom pom chick I'd made years ago. 

Thrift store find; dates from 1955. Yes, it has a scotch-taped binding, but I could overlook that for the dime price. 

A basketful of eggs. I made the one covered in sequins (near the center) as well as the ones made in fabric, cross-stitched, or covered with trims. The colorful decorated eggs were a thrift store find. 

Besides decorating the feather tree, I also like to dangle things from the dining room chandelier. Above, you see a couple of eggs I'd made close to 20 years ago. The blue egg is decorated with sequins and small wooden eggs. The egg behind it doesn't show up well, but is a clear, pull-apart egg that I filled with a little scene of Easter grass, tiny Easter eggs and a little chick.

Another grouping of eggs hanging from the chandelier. The egg in the foreground, a thrift store find, is covered in delicate paper pieces. I made the egg to the right of it, using sequins and vintage trims to cover a styrofoam egg shape. 

A friend gave me the two little bunnies in the foreground; she'd found them at a garage sale. They say "Wilton" on the bottom, so I suspect they were meant to be cake toppers. The oh-so-cute bunny right behind them says "Japan" on the bottom. I don't know how old it is, but it was a pleasing thrift store find. 

The lamb with the cross on it had been my mother-in-law's. I don't know how old it is, what it's made from, or what its country of origin is. I'd like to think it's from the "Old Country", but I just don't know. No information on the bottom. 

The remaining items are vintage to one degree or another:

This postcard was never mailed, so I don't know how old it is, but it's definitely been around awhile!

Slightly stained hankie, but still cute. Watching over it are more of those Wilton bunnies. 

These two decorations aren't super old; probably from the 1960's or 1970's. They were a reasonable 25c each at the thrift store, so I scooped them up. 

I have more Easter decorations than what I've shown, but this is a representative sampling of my usual mix: handmade, thrifted and gifted! Yes, it makes for a rather eclectic decor, but it works for me. 

Well, speaking of work, I've got stuff to do around the house, so I'll close out here. But in case you hadn't come across my much-earlier post about our Slovak Easter dinner, you can see it HERE.


  1. I loved seeing a sampling of your Easter decorations.

  2. Thanks, Ms. KC! I figured it was about time I showed them off!