Saturday, August 6, 2016

Made It: ICAD 2016

Hello! As anticipated in this post, I participated in ICAD (Index Card A Day)during June and July. Since these two months are now over, it's now time to show off some of my efforts. 

Small-scale projects like ICAD are ideal for exploring new techniques and new art supplies, but on time-crunched days I stuck to familiar techniques and supplies. Either way, it's all good! 

Created the day after my dad died: a photocopy of a WWII pic of him and a military plane; both accented with gold glitter glue. The photocopy was mounted on an index card stamped with a swirly black ink design.

Thrift store stencils that pay homage to my love of both dogs and cats. The stencils were used to cut out words and shapes from vintage cookbook pages to which I'd added paint. 

I love to read as well, so affixed a poem about reading (vintage ephemera found in a thrift store book I'd purchased)onto an index card. "READ" was made with stamps from a vintage printing set, but the hand image was created from a newer stamp. 

Goofy collage: vintage paper, rubber-stamped eye image, vintage matchbook and more. 

Not as goofy a collage:

Bird shape cut from scrapbook paper, affixed to paint-patterned vintage cookbook page. The saying reads: "More important than length of life is how we spend each day." These words of wisdom were cut from a vintage cookbook. Doesn't everyone get words of wisdom from a cookbook?

And from Albert Einstein: "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." 

Above, an image of a man was painted over, then cut out and glued onto a background cut from an old chart. This chart had been used to protect the surface of my studio work table from stray marks of paint, rubber stamp ink and other art supplies. Over time, enough drips, splatters and the like turned the chart into an art paper of sorts. 

"The Power To Change Lives" was cut from a magazine. And what has such power? The answer is the rubber-stamped image next to the man image: a heart with the word "love" within it. 

One last ICAD effort shown off:

For this one, I started with an index card stamped with a design in blue ink. I glued on an old Kenya Airways boarding pass, then added the words "In flight" and "flying" (both cut from vintage books). The boarding pass was another stuck-in-a-thrift-store-book find. I love such "forgotten bookmarks".

Obviously this is a small sampling from my ICAD works. Yes, I did a lot of collage, but I also drew, made lists, experimented with paints, painting tools, colored pencils and more. It was a lot of fun, and I was a little sorry when the two months were up. But now I have 61 new mini art projects to enjoy!



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