Saturday, August 20, 2016

Get Carded: A Milestone Birthday

Hello! Our daughter had her birthday earlier this summer, and the milestone one of turning 21 at that. But with her out-of-state summer job, our family vacation, and several days of leadership training she needed to do for her upcoming school year job, we didn't get around to celebrating her birthday until yesterday. 

Of course, I'd made a greeting card for the occasion. I often make whimsical cards for her and my husband, but I crafted a more sedate card this time:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • black/gold star patterned art paper
  • pink-toned paint chip
  • dress, purse, high heel shoes: scrapbook embellishment set; purchased at sample sale several years ago for a fraction of what this set would have cost at retail
  • "happy birthday" stamped in black ink
A couple of close-ups:


A very nice card, if I say so myself! 

I do enjoy designing whimsical cards for my family, but there's times when a pretty card is fine too. This was one of those times, I felt.

Happy (delayed) Birthday to a great girl!

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