Monday, February 1, 2016

It's Use-It-Up Month Again!

Hello! A year ago I declared February as a "use-it-up" month, which I detailed in this post. It worked so well that I've decided to do the same thing this year. 

As I'd done last year, I'll try to do as much "shopping" as I can from our pantry, refrigerator and freezers. That pancake mix my husband got as a gift? Time to get out the griddle. That farmer's market winter squash I'd cooked up and frozen? Time to get out some cookbooks and look up some recipes for using that stuff. Maybe I can add some to the pancake mix pancakes! 

And it's a good time to focus on using up some of my art and craft supplies, rather than cruising the aisles of thrift stores in the hopes of picking up yet more fabric remnants and back-issue craft magazines. (Admittedly, I made purchases from both categories at thrift stores this past weekend, but hey, it wasn't February yet.)

Last February I labored over a relief-effort flannel quilt as a way of using up some fabrics (mentioned here). Since I have some big interior painting projects coqing up, perhaps I'll use some of my fabric stash for other relief efforts, such as the ones discussed here.

And of course, February means Valentine's Day, so I will dig into my card-making supplies to craft greetings for families, friends and the Valentines for Vets program. 

Sounds like using up, instead of buying, will keep me plenty busy this month! But I think of it as another form of creativity, which makes it fun!

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