Thursday, February 11, 2016

Get Carded: Valentines For Vets 2016

Hello! With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I got my set of 24 Valentines for Vets cards mailed out to a regional VA hospital. Why 24? I don't know, it's just a number I settled on several years ago when I began participating in the Valentines for Vets program. 

There's been years when I've made rather elaborate valentines, with hand-painted papers and various embellishments adding flair (or so I thought) to my cards. But currently I have a big home improvement project going on, so I had neither time nor energy for fancier cards.

Still, I think the simple design I created this year is pleasing:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • vintage playing card
  • scrap from page in 1930's grammar book
  • heart stamped in red ink, using a stamp I'd made
  • red and white heart sticker
  • "Love" stamped in red ink
I like the deck of circular-shaped playing cards that I found at a thrift store a few years ago; that shape doesn't seem very common. Many playing cards have a red and white design on the back, which I think makes them perfect for Valentine's Day crafting. 

And the use of the vintage grammar book? Just to be different, I guess, since I've more commonly used vintage sheet music or ledger paper in my card crafting.

The heart sticker was from a set also found at a thrift store. I was looking for a little something to add to the cards and the stickers turned out to be just the right size! 

A close-up:

Yes, a simple design, but I hope the recipients enjoy their valentines. I enjoyed making them for this worthy program.


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