Sunday, February 14, 2016

Get Carded: One More Valentine's Day Card

Hello! After the flurry of activity making cards for the Valentines for Vets program (discussed in my previous post), I made several more valentines to mail out to friends and our daughter away in school.

But since it didn't have to be mailed out, I saved my husband's card for last. The materials I'd used for the other valentines were still out, so I added them to his card, plus another bit of ephemera as well:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • scrap of page from 1926 grammar book (in my previous post, I'd incorrectly said the book dated from the 1930's)
  • vintage playing card
  • image of boy cut from February 1966 children's magazine that had belonged to my husband
  • "the valentine" cut from same grammar book
  • "Love" stamped in red ink
  • red and white heart sticker

I liked how it turned out, and it's always fun to use ephemera from papers my husband had had as a young boy. My mother-in-law had saved school papers from when my husband was in 1st grade and second grades, and I am certainly glad she did! 

Apparently the magazine was part of his curriculum then, since there was one for each month of the school year.  The publications's charming illustrations more than make up for the rather hokey stories meant to promote proper behavior, upstanding citizenship and all that. The above illustration is from a story about triplet brothers Jim, John and Jerry presenting their grandmother with Valentine's Day gifts. They had shopped for the occasion separately, and so each boy bought the grandmother the same gift, a particular jar of jelly.

My husband I exchanged gifts of candy to each other today, plus I made a special dinner. No jars of jelly - but it was a nice Valentine's Day anyway, and he enjoyed his card as well. 

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