Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bang For A Buck #3: Purse Problem No More

Hello! I know that designer purses are a "must have" for some women, but not for me. I'm fine with a handbag that looks decent and is functional -  not too big, not too small, straps not too long or short, and enough pockets to hold all those things a purse typically holds. 

It can be hard sometimes to find just the right purse, so I tend to hang on to the one in current use as long as I can. But of course eventually the time comes when a purse gets too shabby to be seen in public. Then I have to go buy a new one. 

Such was the case recently, so I dutifully checked the sale prices at local department stores and then set out on the shopping trip. But rather than head straight toward those stores, I decided to try my luck first at a close-by thrift store. 

And luck was indeed with me:

The brand is Liz Claiborne, and the purse appeared to be in like-new condition: not a single scratch or mark on it. It met my all requirements for size, pockets, etc. And the price? One dollar. Score! 

According to online research, this purse might have come from JC Penney's, which happened to be one of the department stores I was going to visit. According to the sales flyer I had consulted, similar purses at Penney's were around the forty dollar range, with the possibility of lower prices for clearance items.

But even on clearance, I wouldn't have paid a mere dollar for a purse at Penney's. Since I did so at the thrift store, I'm now all set until this one begins to show its age. 



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