Wednesday, June 10, 2015

iHanna's Spring 2015 Postcard Swap: I've Got More Mail!

I'd recently posted about a batch of art postcards I received through iHanna's swap, as seen in this post.

Since then three more postcards from the swap have been delivered to me, so I thought it was only fair to show them off as well. 

I'm sure there are some people who disdain Hershey's chocolate in favor of some artisanal or imported chocolate, but I still think it's just fine. And obviously the postcard artist from Florida who created the above piece agrees as well! "Can you guess what candy I love?" she wrote on the back. She said she crafted her postcard by sewing the wrappers to a piece of heavy interfacing, then sewed the interfacing to a piece of cardboard. I've not done much paper sewing, so I liked her efforts very much.

"I took a walk and gathered bits of nature for you" this postcard artist commented on the back. Now, the butterfly is actually a sticker, but the leaf, pine needle and squiggly green stuff between the leaf and the butterfly are the "bits of nature". 

As the artist lives in a community along California's Monterey Bay, I wondered if that green stuff was actually seaweed from the waters of the bay, but didn't ask. 

Last one to show off:

Also from California (near Oakland) is this very fun postcard. It's literally see-through since the artist laminated her elements together. The combination of scrapbook paper, origami paper and three kinds of cancelled stamps (two from foreign lands) made for a very appealing work of mail art! 

I thought it was cool that the scrap of purple and white origami paper in the lower right-hand corner was identical to some origami paper I'd once had. What are the odds of that? 

The artist commented that she wasn't sure if this type of postcard would go through the mail, so she sent one to her granddaughter first to see if it'd get delivered. It did and so she continued on with this style. 

The arrival of these three postcards means that I've now received 9 out of the possible 10. I'm hoping that the last one is still on its way - a little slow due to international mail and not because someone had procrastinated. I'd sent out 2 postcards to other countries (Norway and South Africa) so it would seem logical that I'd get at least one postcard in return from another country. Time will tell, I suppose.

It'll be a delightful surprise when #10 shows up in my mailbox, just as it was fun to receive the other nine. I would be willing to do the next iHanna postcard swap, whenever it might be! After all, who doesn't like a delightful surprise in the mail?


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