Sunday, May 31, 2015

iHanna's Spring 2015 Postcard Swap: I've Got Mail!

Hello! Last week I showed off the postcards I'd made for iHanna's Spring 2015 Postcard Swap, so now it's time to show off the ones others made for me. So far 6 out of 10 have shown up in my mailbox, which is a good rate of return considering it's been about a week since the postcards were supposed to be sent out. 

Delivered from Colorado. The book text and Paris image are cool, but I especially liked the pictures of the two women. The artist said these were from a 1940 woman's magazine. Just the sort of thing I would have used! 

Didn't take a pic, but the back of the postcard was decorated in a dazzling burst of colorful markers. The artist also mentioned that she'd made an extra postcard to mail to herself. I hadn't thought of either of these ideas, but now I know for the next swap!

Sent from Maine. The pale tan on the postcard is actually birch bark. It came from from trees the artist and her family cut down to build their homestead. How cool is that? Have never used birch bark in crafting myself!

I couldn't read the postmark on the back, so all I know is that this postcard came from somewhere in the US. Nice combination of colors and images here! The spiral image is on top of book text - can't go wrong with that.

The artist that created this postcard lives in Minneapolis. It's quite complex in detail, but since the designs are somewhat subtle, this art piece lends itself to closer examination. I got a kick out of the rows of numbers, though I don't know what they came from. 

It definitely did not feel like a summer morning yesterday when I received this postcard: cool and rainy. Therefore, I appreciated this bright colors and the thought of summer that this postcard conveyed! It came from Mississippi, where undoubtedly their mornings feel more like summer. 

Last one:

This postcard has a San Diego postmark, so perhaps the use of bright colors ties in with that southern California locale. The artist explained she had made her own stamps out of foam, then added the black marker doodles and added definitions for the word "psychedelic". Very cool and colorful!

I now eagerly await the remaining four postcards. Makes a visit to the mailbox more fun than usual!



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