Sunday, July 6, 2014

Made It: A Pretty Simple Painting Project

Hello! I'll admit it: although I use a variety of craft techniques, painting is not my strong suit. However, when I had to take down a collasped wooden lattice a previous owner had put up (an overgrown trumpet vine had gotten out of hand), I set aside some of the lattice pieces to decorate with paint at some point down the road. 

I had envisioned finding a pleasant garden-themed quote to inscribe onto one of the lattice strips, but hadn't gotten around to this yet. So instead, recently I decided to use some simple stencil designs to decorate a couple of the strips. 

I already had the "Fiesta" set of Deco Art's Patio Paints (leftover from a rock-painting project a few years back), so I was set to go. 
But would my lattice strips end up looking folksy-cute or crappy (as in, why did I even bother?)

First, an overviews:

On top, I made a tulip stencil and on the bottom, I used a circle stencil I already had. 

Some close-ups:

Considering I'm not much of a painter, I think they turned out pretty well. The colors of the "Fiesta" set are cheerful, which helps. In the case of the lattice strip with the circles, I just used the colors in the order they appeared in the set, repeating as necessary until I ran out of room.(the dab of black paint in between each circle came from a separate bottle of Patio Paint.)

For now, I stuck these two decorated strips on the back exterior wall of our garage, to give our neighbors something more pleasant to look at than just that decrepit structure. But as I still have more lattice strips stashed in the garage, I really ought to try finding that just-right garden quote to paint on one of them too. That is, if I think I'm up that painting challenge! 

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