Monday, July 7, 2014

Get Carded: Happy 19th Birthday

Hello! Another birthday today as our daughter turned 19. So, the big decision: what birthday card would I make for her this year?

Over the past few years I've often used vintage images of young women (cut from magazines or catalogs) for her cards, but decided upon a different look this year:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • 1880's ledger paper scrap
  • "19" cut from page of a 1974 catalog (catalog was an estate sale find)
  •  "U" and "R" stamped with black ink on card stock scrap
  • Happy Birthday stamped with black ink on card stock scrap
  • red card stock scraps on two corners of card
I liked the juxtaposition of the really old papers (and I'm sure even the 1974-era paper is "really old" to our daughter) with the text message-style letters (but even those were stamped with letters from a printer's set that's at least 65 years old) 

If you look at the upper right-hand corner of the card, you can see the number 19 - that's the page number from the ledger book. And barely visible near the red paper bit on the left-hand corner is the word July, referring to the month in which that page had been used. I had taken the page out of the ledger book without noticing that the month and page number fit in perfectly with the month of our daughter's birthday and the age she was turning. Talk about a happy coincidence! 

I don't think she noticed these tidbits, as the excitement of cake, ice cream, present and a friend took over. But overall she did seem to like her card.

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