Thursday, July 17, 2014

Made It: From Drab To Fab Part 2

Hello! A couple of years ago I purchased a heart-shaped, copper-colored wire form at a thrift store. The heart is 9 1/2"h x 8 1/2"w, and came with a 12" long hanger. At the base of the heart is a 2" long spike; perhaps a votive candle was supposed to be stuck onto it. Or maybe there's a missing part to the whole thing. Sometimes one plays a guessing game when the original packaging is absent. 

No matter - I figured I could dress up the heart in some way and turn it into a decorative outdoor piece. Inspiration finally struck yesterday, so I'll show off what I created. 

First, the "before" shot:

Dangling from the dining room chandelier, the heart awaits its transformation.

At first, I thought of wiring some beads around the four sections of the heart, but thought that winding fabric strips around those sections would look nice too. 

Ultimately I did both. I cut some colorful fabrics into strips and glued them onto the heart, then attached beads randomly with thin wire. Lastly, I dug into my collection of "bling" (parts of old costume jewelry and other bits) to add a bit more sparkle. 

And here's the heart now, all glammed up:

As hoped, the beads sparkle in the sun, and the hanging heart dresses up our front porch a bit. The project was very easy to do and I think it turned out pretty well. This sort of design can go from charming to clunky in an instant, so I tried to stop at "charming". I think I succeeded - if I decide differently later, I can always take the beads and bling off and try something else!

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