Thursday, April 17, 2014

Made It: Quickie Crafts

Hello! With tasks like yard work, spring cleaning, decluttering and holiday baking going on this week, it's nice to have a couple of quickie craft projects as a change of pace.

I had done a recent post (April 6th) entitled "Fast Fabric Flowers". Right around that time, my husband brought back a nicely-made journal from a conference he'd attended. Now, the organization that put on the conference is a fine one, but I didn't care for their raised-letter logo on the journal's front cover. 

So instead, I glued one of my fabric flowers over the logo, and voila - from boring business-office look to this:

Total time spent: no more than five minutes. 

In a much earlier post (seen here), I showed off some pillowcases I'd made. Came across a pretty, springlike fabric piece at a thrift store recently. It was the exact amount I needed to make another pillowcase, and was only a dollar, so I bought it. Try buying a yard of fabric for a dollar at a fabric store - uh uh, it's not going to happen. (Sure, fabric stores will occasionally offer $1.00/yard fabric sales, but I've found the fabrics thus offered to be of lesser quality than the one I just purchased at the thrift store). 

Here's how the pillowcase looks:

The colors look a little more washed out than they really are - the green, for instance, isn't quite as muted as shown above. Trust me, it's a pretty print.

Total time spent: around ten minutes at the most. There's no cutting involved - just the pinning together of the sides, the sewing up of two edges, and then the hemming of the open edge. (complete instructions are available in the link above). 

It'd be nice if all my craft projects were as quick as the two I've shown off here, but can't win 'em all, I suppose. But I do think these two quickie crafts are winners!


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