Sunday, April 6, 2014

Made It: Fast Fabric Flowers

Hello! Recently received fabrics from a decluttering friend, some of which included a bag of 3" fabric squares left over from a quilting project. Most of these squares were pretty florals, so I wanted to find some way to use them. Wasn't in the mood for sewing just then, so I searched the Internet for a fast no-sew project. 

My search didn't let me down, as I found a tutorial for making fabric flowers by using a simple folding and cutting technique. It's similar to kirigami, the Japanese paper craft. (in fact, paper can used for this project instead of fabric.)

The tutorial calls for six fabric squares, two each of three different sizes. I decided to use six of my 3" squares to see how doing so would turn out. Cut the flowers, sewed a vintage button through all the layers, and voila, a pretty fabric flower in next to no time! 

Here's a few I made:

A couple of close-ups:

Pretty, are they not? Well, at least I think so! 

The woman who wrote up the tutorial showed her fabric flowers being used to decorate a greeting card, a headband and made into a brooch. I was thinking these might also be nice sewn onto a t-shirt or other top. Lots of possibilities with this project - and a very nice way to use up some fabric squares!

The tutorial can be found HERE.


  1. Very cute! So many things you could add these to. A picture frame covered in them would be one idea.

  2. Good idea! And I think one of these attached to the front of a journal would be nice too.