Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hello! And a Happy Easter to all! Like Christmas, Easter has its own gift-giving traditions, so here are a couple I've made for the occasion:

Above, I've photographed three chocolate bunnies for my husband and a greeting card for my dad. 

Close-up of the card:

Materials used:
- white card stock
- page torn out of an architecture history book
- egg shape I'd painted 
- "The Lord" cut out of a vintage children's book 
- "HAPPY EASTER" stamped in black ink
- vintage button

One of my sisters had already bought our dad various white chocolate Easter treats for his basket, so instead I made him a batch of Italian-style anise toast cookies. 

For my husband:

A close-up of two of the three chocolate bunnies I made for him (total of two dark chocolate and one white). I used a Wilton cookie mold, purchased at a thrift store. I don't know if Wilton still makes these; the packaging has a 1997 date. This mold is made of stoneware, and can be used for shaping chocolates and certain craft materials  (wax, clay and paper mixtures, according to the packaging). The mold was easy to use and as you can see, the details came out nicely. The bunnies almost look like they came from a candy store, I think. Each is six ounces, so my chocolate-loving husband should be happy for a little while!

Of course, I still know "the reason for the season" as Christians everywhere celebrate Jesus' triumph over death today. But just as that brings joy to worshipers, I hope that my gifts bring joy of a different sort to their recipients. 



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  1. I have never made candy in molds. Is it difficult or do you spray something inside the mold to get it to release? I hope your hubby enjoys his chocolate bunnies.