Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Get Carded - Simple Birthday Card

Hello! My handmade greeting cards vary in their complexity - for a special occasion like a wedding, I'm likely to fuss quite a bit. But when time is short or if I have several greeting cards to create, I will take a simpler route. 

I had several items to mail out today, so the writing of short greetings and the packaging of various items meant that I would make a fairly simple birthday card. I still think it turned out nicely though:

It's overcast here today, so the card didn't photograph the best. Take my word for it - the color of the card base was a creamy pale yellow, not the dull beige that you see above. 

Every component of the card came from a thrift store or garage sale except for the rubber stamp and the stamp pad. Here is what I used:

- blank window card in pale yellow
- mat board square from the creative reuse store Learning From
  Scratch, painted over with red acrylic paint
- vintage pale yellow crochet cotton thread
- flower shape cut from a vintage matchbook
- vintage button
- "happy birthday" stamped in blac StazOn ink

Here's a close-up of that floral element:
As you can see, the mat board piece fits perfectly in the card "window" - and this with no trimming. I love it when things fall into place like that!

Like I said, this card was simple, but it needed to be if I wanted to get my mailing taken care of this morning. I'll have to make more of these mat board pieces to have on hand - then I can use them to embellish future cards!


  1. Cute card! I love seeing your card posts. It makes me want to get into the studio and make some too! Great colors too. I love how you use lots of different elements in your cards, even the simple ones.

  2. Thanks so much Ms. KC! I have so much stuff I have to use it! But your cards are awesome too.