Monday, April 25, 2011

Made it - A Bevy of Bunnies

Hello! Now that Easter has come and gone, I can show off a little project I did for the holiday:

Might be hard to tell through the cellophane gift bags, but I made six small stuffed bunnies to give to my siblings yesterday, along with a few Easter candies tossed in for good measure.

Used a pastel print fabric for my sisters and a blue and white check for my brothers. There was significance to these choices - both had been in our late mother's fabric stash. This was our first Easter without her (she died last Christmas Eve), so I thought it'd be nice to give my siblings a little reminder of her.

The bunny pattern came from the thrift store. Easy to make other than being a little tricky to sew around the curves since the scale was small - these bunnies are only about 4" high. Still, I'd rather use a small pattern than a big one; I think small-scale stuffed items are more charming. 

Hope you had a Happy Easter as well!


  1. To quote an ecard a teacher of mine got once: "Hip, hop, hippity hop! Hip, hop, hippity hop! I'll go down in history as the cutest bunny you'll ever see! Hip, hop, hippity hop! Hip, hop, hippity hop!"

  2. Aren't bunnies fun? I should get a pet rabbit!