Friday, April 8, 2011

Made it - Anonymous Art

Hello! The very nature of today's post means that there are no accompanying photos - because I want to discuss a sneaky side to my crafting ventures.

Over the years, I've accumulated numerous small pieces of paper and other odds and ends - some vintage, some leftover from various projects, etc. At one point, I decided it'd be fun to use these bits and pieces to make small things to stash in my purse to leave wherever I want. I strive to make something that has a positive feel to it in the hopes of brightening up the day of the finder. 

By now I have left dozens of my little doo-dads in many parts of the country, literally from coast to coast. Of course, I have no idea what people do when they come across something from me (which changes from time to time, depending on what I feel like making). There's always the possibility that the finder will consider what I've left behind the mark of a kook and just toss it aside. But if it's cheered up just one person having a bad day, then I'm satisfied. 

Have you ever found an item that was deliberately left behind for someone to find and enjoy? If so, what was it? 

The term "guerilla art" is used for art that is left in public places for others to discover, but I'm not sure if my miniscule works count as such. Nevertheless, it's a fun, easy (and thrifty) thing to do, so I will continue on as the spirit moves me!


  1. What a beautiful thing to do!

  2. I've done this too. There used to be an online group called 'Found Art' that encouraged people to leave small pieces of art in public places. There was a sticker to put on the back that linked back to the site so that the finders could report in (if they so desired). Alas, that group is no longer active, but I still leave art in public places. I call it 'Random Acts of Art'. I'm glad to hear that someone else does this too!

  3. Thanks for writing, Cheryl! It's a lot of fun to do, isn't it? Your post came at a good time too, as I've recently started another round of this in response to the negative nature of the election cycle I've been seeing all around me.