Monday, April 25, 2011

Get carded - birthday cards

Hello! Besides yesterday being Easter Sunday, my family also celebrated several birthdays. There's too many of us to celebrate each birthday as it comes, so we lump several together at a time. Yesterday we honored those with January-March birthdays. Ended up with five birthday cake, three of which were chocolate!

Of course, I made greeting cards for several honorees; two of these cards are shown in the photo below:

I'll describe the one with the white background first:

White cardstock
Painted, stamped blue background piece
Old library card stamped with homemade foam rubber stamp and blue acrylic paint
1890's ledger paper stamped with homemade foam rubber stamp and blue acrylic paint
"E" cut from dark blue leather-like piece and dabbed with dots of white acrylic paint
"Happy Birthday" stamped with black StazOn ink

Card with red background:

Red cardstock (thrift store find)
Dark red cardstock piece
Game piece from a children's game (not vintage but the graphics were charming, I thought - thrift store find)
"happy" cut from a child's school worksheet, circa 1965 (my husband's school paper)
Clown illustration from a 1957 children's dictionary (complete with crayon scribble from anonymous child)
"It's Your Special Day!" stamped with black StazOn ink

And there you have it. One guarantee - no matter how big the party, you can be sure that a homemade greeting card looks like no other card there!