Monday, April 18, 2011

Get carded - Spirit Jump cards

Hello! Over a year ago I learned of the Spirit Jump organization, a group dedicated to sending out greeting cards and gifts to those struggling with health issues, primarily cancer. People in need of "jumps" (a boost to their spirits) would send in a short bio of themselves and what they'd been going through. Volunteers such as myself would get an email with these bios, then we would email back which people we wanted to help. A second email containing the full names and addresses of these folks would then be sent to us. Then all I had to do was make cards, write some words of encouragement, then off my cards went.

Many of these folks were very, very sick and some also mentioned financial issues, no family nearby to help, etc. It was truly heart-wrenching at times to read the bios. Occasionally there would be a later email indicating that someone had died, and that was always sad. But sometimes there was someone who went into remission and out of this group, I would get thank you notes here and there telling me that my card had cheered them up. That was a good feeling! Yet my card efforts were really quite simple, deliberately so since I was dealing with strangers and so I'm not familiar with their tastes. 
In its more active stage, I got emails for Spirit Jump requests quite often and for awhile there I was sending out three-five cards a week. Due to time constraints, the amount of email requests sent out to volunteers has slowed way down - the people running it just don't have the time to keep up with it like they used to. That's a shame because it was such an easy way to help those very much in need of assistance.

However, out of the blue I got another request yesterday, so sent out two cards in today's mail:

 See what I mean by an easy card? Just a bird template, scraps of art paper and other paper scraps, one black marker dot for an eye, then "thinking of you" stamped beneath. The notecards are from a box I got at a Salvation Army - the Crane brand, which is a good name brand for stationery.