Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Birth Record Baby Spoon

Hello! It's my birthday today - normally a festive time, but the severe cold and snow makes things a little more challenging. Not sure if the restaurant I wanted to go to for my birthday dinner is even open today; will have to check on that. But nothing stopped me, of course, from making a birthday cake, so at least we'll have that.

Appropriate for today, last week I unearthed this during a decluttering of a storage cabinet:

A silverplate birth record baby spoon issued for me upon my arrival. It's 4" long and was made by Wm Rogers. These are fairly common on eBay. Mine is scratched up a bit and some of the silverplate has worn off. No matter, I've glad it's survived the years!

I seem to recall my mother telling me that she'd gotten this spoon from a local bank; don't know if it was something the bank gave away or offered at low cost to their customers. To be honest, although she gave it to me years ago, I never paid much attention to this spoon until I relocated it in that cabinet last week. 

It was tarnished, so I cleaned it up, then looked over the details closely. I'd always noticed that my first name and birthdate had been etched on the spoon's handle, but I'd never paid attention to this image before:

It didn't photograph the greatest, but that's a stork directly above the "bowl" part of the spoon. 

And then there's this:

Again, it doesn't show up well in the photo, but the somewhat rectangular-ish shape on the middle of the handle is supposed to be a clock. Perhaps you can see the dots around the shape, which of course represent the numbers on a clock face. "PM" is etched above the hands of the clock, and from the position of those hands, one can see I was born around 8:17 pm. 

It seems strange to me now that I had no idea that my time of birth was noted on this spoon, but it tickled me to discover this. I like that attention to details. Hey, so what that I was born two months early - at least the spoon got all the other details right!

I don't know how my birth record baby spoon ended up in the cabinet, but it's not going to stay there. From now on, I'll store it with the decorations I bring out for my birthday every year.


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