Saturday, January 26, 2019

Get Carded: Look Who Had A Birthday

Hello! My husband had a birthday yesterday, which meant a handmade card from me:

My husband laughed when he saw his card, which was my intended reaction. He likes humorous cards more than mushy ones, so that's the kind I make for him. I think it was the eyes image that made him laugh, but I think the owl image amused him as well. 

A couple of close-ups:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • eyes image cut from takeout menu for Humal Chuli (a restaurant mentioned in my previous post)
  • owl sticker from vintage stationery set (found in thrift store, perhaps from the 1970's)
  • "turn" cut from vintage children's dictionary
  • "60" cut from vintage bingo card
  • "LOOK", "WHO'S", "ING" and "Happy Birthday" stamped with black ink onto scraps of various vintage papers
Not a complicated-looking card by any means, but still fun to make.
  For some reason, we never used to keep birthday cards, but have done so for quite a few years now. Thus, this year's card will join the ones from previous years:

Quite a fun collection! But the whole bunch will come down soon - so all my handmade Valentines to him can be displayed instead. 

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