Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Get Carded: An Election Day Birthday Card

Hello! A friend's birthday this year is on Election Day. Not only that, but her place of employment happens to be a polling place too. So with these facts in mind, here's the card I made for her:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • blue star print scrapbook paper
  • vintage button card
  • large star cut from vintage bingo card that I'd colored with red and ivory acrylic paints
  • small blue star cut from art paper scrap
  • "VOTE" cut from  online sample ballot I'd printed
The voting theme continued on the inside of the card. I'd found another online sample ballot printable; this one had the word "candidate" on top, with space next to it to write in a name. Naturally I wrote the birthday girl's name in there.

Below that line were four lines, each preceded by a small box to check off. I wrote in four of my friend's positive qualities, then checked off each box. 

I finally added birthday greetings, in the form of a rubber-stamped "Happy Birthday", below the "ballot". (Added a few well wishes of my own, of course). 

I was worried my friend wouldn't think her card was celebratory enough in regards to her birthday, but my fears were groundless - she loved it, and told me the Election Day theme was clever. 

I guess it was, at that - now, if only the politicians elected tonight will be clever about solving our country's problems!