Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Spread Some Kindness Where And When You Can

Hello! In the US, at least, it's been a rather unpleasant year due to all the election rhetoric we've had to endure. But I know people in other countries have had their share of problems too. It's been a challenging time for so many, for so many reasons. 

What to do? It may sound simplistic, but at times like these I like to spread a little kindness around where and when I can. Occasionally I'll do something like stick a dollar bill where it will discovered by someone else, but more often I'll leave something that I hope people will still enjoy finding - an item I've made that has an uplifting message. 

I'm deliberately being vague with what I make to leave around for others to pick up, since part of the fun is others not knowing who left the item. (I sometimes leave things around the town where I live). I do stick with things that are  portable so that I can take them along with traveling. Thus, I distributed my bits of creative inspiration on a summer road trip from Denver to West Michigan, and more recently did so from West Michigan to New York and back. 

And in my previous post, I mentioned that we'd been "booed" by a neighbor in the form of some Halloween treats. Each household that has been thus gifted is supposed to hang a sign in their window, and so as it gets closer to October 31st, it's fun to see the spirit of the holiday going from block to block. I don't know who started this "booing" in our neighborhood, but it was a kindness begun by someone. 

Of course, there are so many ways to spread kindnesses; I've just mentioned a couple of small examples that I've done lately. If you'd like to focus on spreading kindnesses where and when you can, just do what works for you!

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