Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Get Carded: A Wedding Card

Hello! Attended a niece's wedding over the weekend, and it was a very nice event indeed. The wedding was an outdoor one, at a park literally on an island. We walked across a bridge near the parking lot to reach the island, how cool was that? And while the bridal couple was saying their vows, a pair of blue herons grandly sailed above the gathering. Very nice symbolism, I thought.

The reception was at a country club, a very nice setting as well - quite scenic with the rolling hills of the golf course as a backdrop for the occasion. A good time was had by all!

I labored over my greeting card to the newlyweds and thought it turned out pretty well:

A close-up:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • scrap of 1880's ledger paper
  • vintage Bridal Bingo card, cut into heart shape and embellished with ivory and gold glitter acrylic paints
  • hearts cut from gold art paper scraps
  • "marie" and "logan" stamped in blue ink on manila folder scrap
  • two ribbons tied together into bow
  • vintage button
The two gold hearts are perhaps a little over the top, but there's reason for their placement: I had originally placed a vellum cutout of a bridal couple over the bingo card heart, but then decided against it. Alas, the glue dots I'd used to affix the cutout peeled off a bit of the card when I removed the cutout, leaving a few pocked surfaces here and there. I didn't feel like starting all over, so I cut out the gold hearts and glued them on to cover up those surface defects. 

Adding the names of the newlyweds made it look like I'd planned to use those gold hearts all along. I was relieved I could salvage the card. Of course, I would have gladly made a new card if I didn't think I could fix the old one. 

Congratulations to Marie and Logan!

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