Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bang For A Buck #5: Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello! Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating the holiday today - may you enjoy wonderful food and wonderful company. And hopefully you have much to be thankful for today as well. 

In honor of the occasion, I'll show off this rummage sale find from a few years back:

An outdoor Pilgrim hat hanging, purchased for $1.00 at that rummage sale. It was in its original packaging, with the price tag of $14.95 still on it. 

Now, even at $14.95 this wasn't a super-valuable find, but I've noticed that thrift stores will often price something higher if it's still in its original packaging, especially if the price tag is still on it. Guess they figure that if you can see what the item would have originally cost, they can justify pricing it for as much as 50% of the first price. Maybe that seems fair, but I don't go to thrift stores to pay half off something - I want a bigger discount than that!

So I was more than happy to pay a mere buck for this unused Thanksgiving decoration. And I've enjoyed hanging it up every November since. I love the cheery colors, which are very welcome on an overcast day such as today. But it'll be sunny in my heart when I gather with family later on today. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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