Monday, March 16, 2015

Made It: St. Patrick's Day Crafting

Hello! Spring is in the air, with snow melting and patches of our yard visible for the first time in many weeks. So how about showing off some more green - as in a couple of St. Patrick's Day crafts I made recently? 

Above, a small cross-stitched shamrock. The funny thing about this is how I found its chart, as that was very random. Several days before St. Patrick's Day, I pulled out an unopened package of Charles Craft brand fiddler's cloth for cross stitching to use in a different project. When I opened up the package, out came a paper from the company, proclaiming that today was my lucky day since I had chosen their fine product. Seriously, that's basically what it said.

(Actually, I'd purchased their fiddler's cloth because it was an excellent price at a thrift store, but let's not tell the Charles Craft folks that little detail, shall we?)

To further emphasize the consumer's luck in buying their brand, Charles Craft included the chart for a "Lucky Shamrock". I don't know what exactly makes it lucky, but I thought the timing of finding this chart so close to St. Patrick's Day was pretty cool, so I stitched it up. 

Once completed, all I did was glue a bit of batting to a piece of matboard, then I glued the stitched fiddler's cloth over that. Glued a piece of green felt on the back of the matboard and lastly, glued a piece of variegated green yarn around the edges. I think it turned out pretty well.

The second craft project, a small collage,  was a bit more complex:

Materials used:
  • mat board piece
  • vintage time card
  • card stock scraps
  • shamrock definition cut from 1940's children's dictionary
  • vintage button
  • off-white art paper scrap
  • shamrock cut from paint sample 
Well, not fantastic - collages can be kind of hit and miss sometimes, and I don't think that's just me. I've seen other collages shown off online and on occasion think to myself - eh, that's nothing special, I wouldn't show that off if that had been my collage. Now here I am doing the same thing!

True, neither of the two projects I've shown off in this post may look like much.  But sitting underneath my tabletop feather tree, they fit right in with my modest St. Patrick's Day's decorations, as seen here.

It's been fun doing crafts that represent the "wearing of the green", but now it's time to switch to the pastels of Easter and springtime. Never fear, I've already done so, and will soon show off a craft to prove it!

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