Friday, December 12, 2014

Thrifty Acres: Pajama Rama

Hello! Our daughter, who's away at college, informed me last weekend that she needed new sleep pants. No problem, I told her, I'll make or buy some for you.

Decided to go the easiest, cheapest route first - the thrift store, of course. It just so happened that I had to run an errand on Monday that was across the street from a local Goodwill. And it also just so happened to be a color tag sale day - all the blue tags were 50% off. I hadn't even remembered that that Goodwill had tag sale days (that's a more recent thing at that location), but of course I wasn't going to pass up the special.

With such savings, I spent only $7.00 on two sets of sleepwear:

Our daughter had only asked for sleep pants, but I got her a couple of matching tops as well. Neither top was specifically meant for sleepwear (ie they don't look like pajamas), so I figured she could wear them as daytime tops instead if she felt she didn't need any more sleep tops. 

Picked her up at the end of her fall semester today and brought her home for Christmas break. I showed her the two sleepwear sets and she was happy! 

If I hadn't found sleepwear for her that I deemed worth buying (good condition, colors/patterns she'd like), I certainly would have bought her brand new sleep pants or sewn her some. But with December being a rather spendy month, and with other sewing/craft projects ongoing, I was glad that once again a thrift store came through! 



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