Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thrifty Acres: Vintage Kitchen Part Two

Hello! As promised in my previous post, I'll continue with my kitchen "tour" today. 

The 2nd half of the tour starts here:

A collection of vintage items displayed on a doorway. The doorway leads to the rear of the kitchen, but likely looked different at one time. It appears that the back section was added on after the house was built in 1895. One of the men who worked on our recent remodel speculated that the back section may have been originally been a back porch that was enclosed to enlarge the kitchen. 

Although it would have been nice to have the original architecture intact, I appreciate the larger kitchen - especially since a ton of storage was put in that newer part.

Close-ups of the doorway decor:

Crocheted potholder, which came from the same estate sale that the doll clothes (shown yesterday) had come from. The tray with the daffodil design came from a different estate sale, and the hot dog plate came from a secondhand store. It was a gift from a relative who'd been with me when I'd admired this goofy plate at that store. I'd passed on purchasing it because I was already making another purchase there at the time. The relative went back to the store at a later date and bought the plate and its mate as a Christmas present for me. I was thrilled and appreciative!

Another potholder from the same estate sale, and above it a framed embroidery purchased at a thrift store. From the inscription on the back, I know it's now 50 years old. 

Final pic from the doorway display. Notice the mate to the hot dog plate. This one is cow-shaped and is, appropriately, meant for serving hamburgers. An eBay search suggests that my two animal-shaped plates were made in Japan, but no sellers mentioned a date of manufacture. No matter, I love them!

The yellow tray has a tulip decal on it and the name of the town where tulips are famous - Holland, MI. The crocheted potholder was purchased along with the other two I'd just shown. At the time I was sad that family members let these handcrafted gems be sold at an estate sale, but now I'm glad they did. I like the retro charm the potholders bring to my kitchen. 

Now let's step to that rear section of the room:

Someone had built a small niche of shelves. It's perfect for decorating with knick-knacks, which I rearrange when I feel like it. 

Don't recall now where I got the three vintage German spice containers, but they were inexpensive - probably because the set is missing most of its pieces and the clove container is missing its lid to boot. They're still pretty, I think. The vintage salt and pepper shaker set came from a garage sale decades ago. At one time I thought I'd collect salt and pepper shakers, but didn't get too far with that. 

Cock-a-doodle do! The smaller roosters are a salt and pepper shaker set and are Japanese-made. The large rooster figurine isn't labeled but might have come from the same country. This small flock came from a garage sale run by an antiques dealer. (the two bud vases aren't vintage; they were purchased at a local fair trade store). 

Continuing with the chicken look, vintage ephemera from the Pickin' Chicken restaurant in Miami, FL. My father-in-law went to Florida   a few times in the 1950's, as a bachelor and then as a honeymooner. So I assume this bit of advertising came back to Chicago with him after one of those jaunts. 

This concludes my little tour. As you can see, my kitchen will never look like the sleek beauties one sees in shelter magazines - but I like how it looks just the same!




  1. I have a tray similar to the red one in the first photo. I'd love to know more about it. I think mine has an acorn and fall leaf motif. I'll show it to you some time.

  2. I'd love to see your tray sometime! Do you know where it came from? My tray came from an estate sale where that fur store used to be (corner of 13th & River). I didn't think to ask the sellers about the tray at the time. They were a nice couple though.