Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thrifty Acres: Fun Times In 1949 - Part One

Hello! Once again, I will turn to a vintage magazine to see what was happening in a past decade - this time the Winter 1949-50 issue of McCall Needlework Knitting . Crochet . Home Arts & Crafts

Now, since I wasn't around then, I don't actually know what was considered fun in 1949, but according to this magazine, there was plenty of fun to be had in doing needlework, knitting, crochet, home arts & crafts! 

For example:

The model does look like she's having fun in this nifty ski sweater. "Let ski weather find you ready with the proper know-how - a ski set of glistening white, brightly spotted with fascinating four-color motifs. Notice those dancing girls in the border!" Huh? If I'm reading that sentence correctly, it sounds as if "proper know-how" consisted of wearing the ski set (sweater and matching mittens), not knowing how to ski. Maybe all the fun was in looking the part!

I'm not sure if kids ever think that "Back-to-School Is Really Fun!", but hey, the copy writers can say whatever they want. If that heading wasn't enough proof enough, here's the accompanying text for the sweater on the left: "Back-to-school with a pair of frisky white squirrels knitted into a warm, warm cardigan! Your sub-teener will be elated with this loaded-with-fun cardigan." See, there's that word "fun" again! What more proof do you need that going back to school is fun?

Well, enough of kiddie fun, how about good times for the grownups out there?

Let's party! "Wear it for bridge and late-day dress-up! The openwork neck trim, bow-tied sleeves, and lustrous crepey yarn all take up the party idea." Well, I guess the 1949 idea of parties!

These are labeled as "practical gifts", but the design is what makes this project fun:

The copy reads: "Floor show in the kitchen! With dancing dishes and top-hatted tumblers. Stage-struck dish towels may be embroidered in outline stitch to match kitchen decor...designs...not shown include, fat comedian (tea kettle) master of ceremonies (pot)". Such giddiness to be had in kitchen towels! They would have been fun to embroider. 

More kitchen crafting fun:

The accompanying text:  "Kitchen skylarking (note: not sure what that's supposed to mean) demands bright aprons! The amusing little figures on this manly, this feminine apron, show Mr. bringing home the groceries, washing dishes, mopping up, and Mrs. cooking the dinner, saying "Come and get it!" Will amuse friends, each other." Hey - it sounds like the Mr. did more work, at least according to the aprons. Sounds like fun to me!

Are you ready for some good news? Who wouldn't be? 

Oh, were you hoping for world peace? Or at least a new discovery on how to lose weight? Sorry, all I have is good news about cutwork squares! 

What's so good about them? Well, here's what our magazine writers had to say: "A magnificent tablecloth can be made by working it piece-by-piece in small squares, just as women who crochet have been working luncheon cloths in small medallions. It appeals to women of today who must do their needlework while commuting or in spare moments. These squares can also be tucked away in purses when not being worked." 

Hmmm...haven't women always done their needlework in spare moments? It's not as if one can cook dinner or run a meeting with one hand while doing needlework with the other. But never mind, let the magazine writers have their fun spreading such good news! 

I have shown off projects in this post, but in my next installment, I'll be discussing some ads within this magazine. And they're even more fun!

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