Saturday, August 31, 2013

Job Jar - Month #8

Hello! I missed a few job jar days because of helping our daughter get ready to go away to college - now that was quite the job itself! But here's what I accomplished this month:

I practiced drawing, worked on some craft projects, carved a rubber stamp and wrote a poem. 

I researched new volunteer opportunities, was mindful of giving compliments, bought something to give to a friend, looked for ways to be helpful toward neighbors, made a treat for our daughter, and left guerilla art for others to find. 

I studied my camera manual. I had only skimmed through it before, when I first got the camera, but I decided to sit down and read it more thoroughly after drawing this job jar task. And what do you know? I learned things about my camera that I hadn't realized it could do. Well, duh! Always helps to read a manual thoroughly, doesn't it? 

I cleaned various parts of the house, did decluttering, caught up on filing, and cleaned the stove. The latter task refers to cleaning the exterior of this appliance. That may not sound like much of a chore, but if you'd seen what our stove looked like before I did this job jar task - well, let's just say that the exterior hadn't had more than a lick and a promise for ages - and looked it. But I put in the time and the elbow grease to give the stove a good cleaning and voila - it practically looks brand new again! I hardly recognize it. Now, if it would only stay that way...but with the way I cook, that is doubtful! 

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