Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Farmers Market Opens For The Season!

Hello! Our extremely popular farmers market opened for the season today. Probably because our spring has seen its share of cool, rainy days, the market was quite busy late in the morning when I visited. (Just wait until it's a Saturday morning at the height of summer, when it becomes a crowd of wall-to-wall people). 

Given the popularity of the market, and the frequency that I visit it, I'm surprised that I'd ever done a blog post on it - until now. 

This is one entrance to the market. Later in the season, the number of vendors' tables will expand to cover the blank area you see in the foreground. 

Flowers for sale - take your pick of hanging baskets and pots.

Petunias potted in colorful watering cans. 

As you can see, there's primarily flowers for offer this early in the season, although some of the food vendors were there today as well - goat cheese, popcorn, honey and more. 

However, I did purchase a few tomato, lettuce and kale plants from the nice folks at Boeve's. I'd started some tomato plants from seed, and had sown lettuce seeds outdoors. For various reasons, some of the plants have not survived, so I bought replacements. Although I'd bought tomato plants before, I'd never gotten lettuce flats. These will fill in the gaps where some of my lettuce seeds went AWOL.

I will try to remember to take more photos of the farmers' market as the season progresses, as it is certainly photo-worthy!

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