Friday, December 28, 2012

Holidays - Post-Christmas Greeting

Hello! Above, you see a small collection of gifted and thrifted Santas; they are displayed in close proximity to my Santa tree, seen HEREThey, and I, hope that you had a very Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year as well! 

Our holiday season was nice. There were the busy days and nights leading up to Christmas with decorating, the crafting and wrapping of gifts, and cookie tins and stockings to be filled. A few packages were mailed  out as well. 

Traveled to the other side of the state to my hometown for Christmas Day, but then decided to return the same evening due to an approaching snowstorm the next day. Am glad we made that decision, as there ended up being numerous accidents and subsequent backups on the route we take to get back home.

Upon our return we began addressing what we thought would be a simple plumbing repair for a leaky pipe. Not so fast - it turned out that the leaky pipe was due to the first floor toilet sitting on rotting plywood. So all of the sudden we're talking about needing someone to do carpentry work and flooring. 

Thus far it's ending up for the best. It's a slow time of year for home repairs (probably because many people have Christmas bills to pay off), so we were able to get workmen to come out, give estimates and then begin work right away! And since we had some older, nagging home repair issues that needed attention as well, I had the carpenter take care of some of these repairs. 

The flooring guy will take care of some of the other repairs. Turns out there's a good reason why our flooring looks bad no matter how much I mop it - he estimated that some of it is close to 30 years old, and in the second floor bathroom it's over 30 years old. Seeing how the floorings are beginning to wear through in spots, I believe him on the age. 

The leaky  toilet is even older - the plumber says it had been made in 1959. It looks retro, all right - pale pink. Probably makes sense to go with a new toilet and its lower water usage. 

And so it goes - never a dull moment with an old house!



  1. Glad you had a safe trip and that your plumbing repairs have been made. Never fun to spend money on repairs, but better to do so than to have your bathroom end up on the main floor. :)

  2. Hi Miss KC - well, the plumbing repair officially happens after the flooring is laid, but we have the flooring for the bathrooms on order, so things are moving along.

    Actually, since it was the first floor bathroom floor that was rotting, the bathroom would have ended up in the basement, lol. But the carpenter said the floor joists were still good, so that wouldn't have happened!