Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Plastic Christmas Tree

What's that - you've never heard of a plastic Christmas tree?

Well, then, allow me to show mine off:

It's 15" high and was made by the Plastic Art Toy Corporation  of America (Plasco). It dates from the 1950's and originally belonged to my husband's grandmother. Several examples currently abound on eBay and generally start at around $9.00 but some are listed at around $30.00. Mine has a couple of broken branches and is likely missing some of the original ornaments, so its value would be lower. But I love it anyway!

Some close-ups:

I love the patina of the ornaments!

Above, the tree sits on a small table covered with a "tablecloth" of four vintage handkerchiefs, all with a poinsettia design. I got these dainty pieces at an estate sale several years ago; $2.00 for the four. 

The first photo in this post showed the box the plastic tree came in, and here's a detail of the box that held the handkerchiefs:

I love the bell graphics - makes the box just as worthy of display as the handkerchiefs!


  1. I love that tree! It's so cute! I'm so glad you put it right outside my room.

  2. I love it too! Your great-grandmother would be happy that you love it, and I'm happy that you are enjoying it.