Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vacation Post #3 - Pine Creek Rail Trail

Hello! After spending a few enjoyable days in the Baltimore area, we headed up to Williamsport, PA for the remainder of our vacation. During previous visits to this area, we've done many hikes over the sometimes-rugged terrain north of Williamsport. However, it was hot and humid last week, so I suggested going on the Pine Creek Rail trail. We had the option of renting bikes from a local outfitter, but decided for our first-ever excursion to walk instead. 

We drove to an access area just beyond the village of Waterville, walked as far as the Dry Run Comfort Station (toilet facility), then returned to the access area; this was a five-mile round trip. Locals had told us to be on the lookout for timber rattlesnakes and black bears. We have seen both in the region during past trips, but they were absent this time. 

The Pine Creek Rail Trail was an easy walk and we enjoyed nice scenery every step of the way:

A few shots of Pine Creek with hills all around. 

Man-made scenery: an outhouse located near the trail. 

Cabin located along Pine Creek - looks wonderful, doesn't it? A local told us such cabins typically stay within the owners' families, which should come as no surprise. Still can dream about owning one, though!

A fair number of people were out on the trail while we were there, all  but us on bikes. One cyclist had a pet trailer attached to the back of his bike so that his dog could go along for the ride. I also saw a few people wading or fishing in the creek. It is a very scenic area, so it was nice to see others enjoying it as well!

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