Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vacation Post #1 American Visionary Art Museum

Hello! We were on vacation last week, hitting a few stops along the East Coast. One highlight of our visit was the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore. As the museum's brochure explains, it is "full of the most outstanding creations born of intuition and self-styled imagination." 

No photos are allowed inside, so I can't show off such things as a large 3-D wallhanging made entirely out of various colored paper plates, carvings made of styrofoam drinking cups, a robot family constructed from metal scraps (the museum held a "wedding" for some of the robots several years ago), a huge pink poodle vehicle, embroidered pictures stitched with unraveled socks and other unique pieces. 

Outside photos are allowed, so I hope that the following give you a sense of the museum's quirky nature:

Decorated bus parked near the museum entrance.

Close-up of the front of the bus.

This sculpture is on top of the museum's entrance.

Seen behind the museum.

Close-up of the goofy sculpture seen in the previous photo.

Glittery "tree" near one side of the museum.

More fun outdoor decor at the museum!

Awesome egg sculpture. The brick building behind it is another museum building. There are a total of three museum buildings: one with a typical gallery floor plan that houses most of the smaller works, and two buildings with more open floor plans for displaying larger works like the pink poodle - and a homemade hot air balloon decorated with crosses and various religious sayings. 

I will leave you with one final photo, a banner hanging outside. The "welcome to fantastic art" is very apt - it is a fun museum and I recommend it to anyone visiting the Baltimore/DC area!




  1. I think that's my favorite art museum.

  2. Well, I'm glad that there's an art museum that you like!