Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thrifty Acres - "New" Planters

Hello! I'm always on the hunt for vintage items to use as planters, so this year the following trio make their debut in our yard:

I paid four dollars for this graniteware bowl at a thrift store last fall. 

For one dollar, the vintage Spry shortening can was mine; from an estate sale last fall. eBay research indicated that this can dates from the 1940's. 

And last but not least, I bought the vintage pail for a dollar at a garage sale last week. I had to fashion wire hangers to attach the pail's handle to the hanging chain and to hang the chain from the shepherd's hook. Hope the whole thing holds up! (filled with potting soil, the pail is rather heavy) Guess I'll find out the first bad storm we have!

Now, while at a local nursery yesterday, I did spy some great new planters for sale - instead of the usual boring clay, they were in bright solid colors. I was tempted - but then figured I could wait to see if any of these pots show up at a thrift store!


  1. You should mention the streamers you hung on the one planter!

  2. You're right - I should add a new photo.