Friday, May 4, 2012

Made It - Projects Big And Small

Hello! I tend to sew small projects - Christmas ornaments, baby toys, and the like. I really need to be motivated to sew something larger! But this week my motivation came in the form of our couch, which, while still functional, had badly-worn cushions and frayed arms. We thought it was a good brand, but it's almost 14 years old - maybe that's normal wear? 

I searched online for slipcovers, and they're affordable - unless you have a sleeper sofa, which we do; then the prices go up quite a bit, and I didn't care for the styles and limited color choices I saw either. 

Meanwhile, a thrift store had come through with a pattern for making slipcovers.  The pattern was $11.95 new, but I paid only 50c for it - can't beat those savings!

The fabric I purchased was quite affordable as well; it was a third of the price I would have paid for a sleeper sofa slipcover. The sewing wasn't hard, but as I had ten yards of fabric to deal with, there were some long seams and a even longer hem to sew. And my sewing machine pedal was acting up, so it was slower going than it should have been. I was not a happy camper by the end of the day. Sewing has a tendency to make me crabby - I'll admit it. 

Still, I kept at it, and finally added the finishing touch today, the ties. Here is how it turned out:

Not too bad for a first effort in slipcovering, I guess. Would I do it again? Maybe. At least I now know how to do it, and I did save a fair amount of money as well. The sofa no longer looks as if it is inhabited by hillbillies, and the bonus of being machine-washable is nice too!

Here is a close-up of the fabric pattern:

It's actually more a blue-gray than what it looks like here, and have a subtle leaf pattern.

Now, of course, at some point I'll have to cover the pillows that had come with the sofa - I think I'll wait a bit on that!

As if that wasn't enough sewing fun, before I made the slipcover I sewed a much smaller project:

I had found the sailboat print fabric at a thrift store and knew right away that it'd be fun to craft a sailboat ornament with it. I didn't have a sailboat pattern on hand, but kept my eyes open. Lo and behold, several weeks later, at the same thrift store, I found an older craft book of baby projects. A sailboat pattern was shown for appliquing onto  baby's shirt, and it was already sized perfectly for me to adapt to an ornament instead. 

Besides the fabrics, I used a bit of felt, a small red pom-pom, a dowel I'd painted white, and some gold cord for hanging. Needless to say, this went together MUCH quicker than the slipcover! 

A friend of mine and her family own a sailboat, so I gave the ornament to her today and she seemed to like it. As I told her, with its red, white and blue color scheme, it could even be used as a summertime decoration, so it wouldn't have to be just be used at Christmastime. I don't have a sailboat, but I'm thinking of making some for me to display this summer - if I can force myself back to my sewing machine!


  1. It makes the room look a lot different!

  2. Yes, it does, but I hope it makes the room look better!

  3. I love the sailboat ornament and have it hanging proudly in my entry way on what really is one of those wire Christmas Card holders but I use it all year around for whatever the holiday is. Maybe I'll have to dig out my other sailboat Christmas ornaments. They might look nice with it and maybe not at all Christmasy when they aren't on a Christmas tree. Thank you!

  4. Glad you liked the sailboat! I enjoyed making it for you.